glomus jugulare

a collection of paraganglion cells in close relation to the internal jugular vein at its origin at the base of the skull. It is a site of origin for glomus tumours (see also paraganglioma).

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  • glomus jugulare — glomus jug·u·la·re .jəg yə lar ē n a mass of chemoreceptors in the adventitia of the dilation in the internal jugular vein where it arises from the transverse sinus in the jugular foramen * * * a collection of paraganglion cells in close relation …   Medical dictionary

  • glomus jugulare tumor — a chemodectoma involving the tympanic body (glomus jugulare). It may cause symptoms in the ear (see glomus tympanicum t.) or in the mouth (hoarseness, dysphagia, aspiration, or tongue atrophy) …   Medical dictionary

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